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Axis Chester branch offers an opportunity to our clients all around the globe to hire one of the UK's highly qualified and dedicated Immigration experts who are honed with years of experience in helping individuals and businesses over the range of UK immigration matters. We are SRA-regulated Immigration solicitors based in Chester and can offer you accurate and affordable services concerning any UK immigration matter.

When you hire us, our team will meticulously examine and understand your case. Moreover, we can signify the merits of your application portfolio by helping you draft it more accurately to ensure your case reaches and satisfies the capacity of UKVI eligibility criteria.

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Our Premium Immigration Services in Chester

Our Immigration Experts in the Chester office can offer you well-tailored services involving one-on-one consultancy through telephonic conversations, in-person meetings or a video call which can be scheduled per your convenience. Hiring one of our SRA-regulated immigration lawyers will guarantee you a well-founded application portfolio that not only satisfies the Home Office standards and policies but also boost your chances of getting visa approval. Moreover, one of our assigned lawyers will critically probe your eligibility criteria initially and jargon with you every step of the way to draft a reliably accurate evidence collation supplemented with the right set of evidence (from sourcing to gathering) per your circumstances. Simply put, we will do our best to nullify all the confusions you may have regarding the overall application process by guiding you step by step - What to do, how to do it and what what is to be done next.

Our Chester Branch, like other branches can provide you legal advice and support on the following visa categories:

  • Spouse, Fiancé and Family Visas
  • Visitor and Work Visas
  • British Citizenship/Naturalization
  • Business Immigration
  • Leave to remain (ILR)
  • Indefinite Leave to remain / Settlement

Why should you hire us?

UKVI policies are strict and tightly regulated. For foreign nationals to be granted a visa is not always a straightforward process. The uncertainty of getting a positive response is still on the blur (so to speak). It can, therefore, be a laborious journey for many applicants be it a marriage visa/ family & partner visas, business, work, study and even permanent settlement route.

Depending on the visa route, the eligibility requirements may vary greatly and you might be required to submit additional documentary proof. Failing to do would put your application in jeopardy of getting refused and overturned by the Home Office.

We are just a phone call away.

With our exceptionally high application rate, we have been serving clients by submitting an irrefutable application portfolio that is approved right away by the Home Office and with the highest possibility of getting a desired response. To connect with our Chester immigration team, give us a call at 01244 264 100.

Our chester team is always there to handle your case. Hiring us will give the following benefits:

  • Thorough assessment of eligibility criteria per individual case/situation/circumstances before applying for any visa category — to minimise any risks of visa refusals based on insufficient evidence.
  • Timely execution of action plan — our highly trained Immigration specialists and years of in-house experience are honed with an exceptional efficiency to screen and probe for all the merits of your application to ensure that it meets the standards of the Home Office Policy.
  • All required documents along with a sound, well-founded cover letter to further boost the merits of your application portfolio per the Home Office Standards.

I am planning to expand / start business activities in the UK. Can Axis help me with UK business Visa?

Yes! Our specified business immigration team in the Chester branch does not only consists of immigration lawyers but also accountants and marketers who can help you with financial planning and putting up a perfect business plan along with the well-formed visa application. Our team ensures that the business plan is produced in a way that gets approved and endorsed by the endorsing bodies.

Since businesses are continuously flourishing and booming in the UK and attracting foreign investors, there is a variety of UK business visas you can opt for as per your circumstances.

Get in touch with us, and we will help you apply for the right business visa. You will be assigned one of our best immigration experts to critically assess the eligibility criteria before preparing a sound application portfolio and applying for the correct business visa route that fits your circumstances.

Hiring our Chester-based Solicitor for your business visa will help you save your resources and ensure the right set of documents.

  • Standard visitor visa
  • Innovator visa
  • Start-up visa
  • Exceptional Talent visa (Tier 1)
  • Representative of an Overseas Business visa
  • Turkish Businessperson visa

Need help challenging a case? Explore how Axis Solicitors can assist you with Immigration appeals.

If your application is unsuccessful, you may reserve the right to appeal against the decision or make another application with further supporting evidence.

Immigration appeals are a complex area of law and it is important that the appeal process is handled by an immigration expert.

If your application for entry clearance, further leave to remain, settlement, Spouse / marriage visa, child visa or human rights visa in the UK has been refused by the Home Office, our highly experienced team of Immigration Solicitors can assist you and appeal against the decision.

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